01 June 2009

Johannesburg City Power, Municipal Depot cnr Durban & End Street Ext. , 0-4-0ST "George" RSHN 7398/1948

0-4-0ST named "George"

Built by RSHN (Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd located in Newcastle-on-Tyne) in 1948 with works number 7398.

May 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

This locomotive is a bit unusual by South African standards, by the fact, that it appears to have an air brake system, hence the compressor mounted on the front side, and also the compressor tanks visible on the back side ... see following pictures.

Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Ltd (RSH) was a locomotive builder with works in North East England.

The company was formed in September 1937 when Robert Stephenson and Company, which was based in Darlington took over the locomotive building department of Hawthorn Leslie, based in Newcastle. The 'Goodwill' of Leeds locomotive builders Kitson & Co. was obtained in 1938.

RSH locomotive numbering began at 6939, this being the first number following the sum total of locomotives built by Robert Stephenson & Co. and Hawthorn Leslie, (6938).

RSH became part of English Electric in 1955.

Locomotive building at the Newcastle upon Tyne works ended in 1961 and at Darlington in 1964.

May 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

George had a sister engine works no 7805 named "Elizabeth" which was built by the same firm in 1954. Both saddle tanks worked, since new, at the Orlando Power Station (within the Soweto area) which was run by the Johannesburg Electricity Dept (now City Power Johannesburg).

Coal for the power station was brought in via a 1 km electrified branch from the mainline. Both Elizabeth and George were used to move the incoming coal trains through a wagon tipper. By 1990 a Hudson diesel engine replaced steam loco's at the the power station.
Sister "Elizabeth"is plinthed at the Johannesburg City Power, Reuven Head Office.

May 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

No 7398 was built according to a standard 14" x 22" design.

May 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

Derek noted: "Beautiful condition, still intact, couldn't access the interior of the cab but there were punch marks on it but I couldn't read them where I was standing. "

(click on picture to enlarge) She is plinthed at the Johannesburg City Power Municipal Depot near corner of Durban Street and End Street Extension.

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