02 July 2009

Worcester Museum - old Loco Shed (2) - Interior

This BLOG has 4 entries for the "loco terrain" extension of the Worcester Museum at Kleinplasie divided as follows:

What's on display inside the Old Locomotive Shed?

The idea here is to give some indication of the displays inside the old Locomotive Shed.

The helpful caretaker of the displays at the old Loco Shed is Joey Kotze; should you have any inquiries on any of the items one can reach her via the Worcester Museum's normal telephone number.

These pictures were taken on 1 July 2009.

View to the West - one of the engine entrances now closed by a fancy window.

Still the same window on the West from a bit further in. The old locomotive pit used for servicing the SAR engines is in the foreground.

View in the opposite direction. On the far left, SAR Class 15F No. 2994, is barely visible.

Neatly on blocks!

Check my tyres please! In the distance the little BORSIG locomotive is silhouetted against the window.

No more flats!

The other bulldog.

The museum has quite a bit of various farming implements on display.

A number of steam engines are also on display.

At least one of the steam engines is still able to operate, unfortunately I missed out on which one!

Red for fire brigade!

This item presumably (I have yet to study it) illustrates the working parts of Walschaerts valve gear; it has an electric motor (which is not connected) at the back - most likely this was used to train workshop personnel.

On to next entry: A. Borsig works no 11646 built in 1924 (BESSIE) locomotive

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