12 July 2010

Riebeeckstad - Railway Museum (privately run)

John Wepener and his son Jacque are the curators of a privately run Railway Museum in the town of Riebeeckstad on the R70 about 8km north of Welkom.

John Wepener gives some background:

"I was born into a Railway family and married a Railway lass from another Railway family. Sixteen members of our respective families have a combined 450 years of Railway service since 1930 to 1998."

"My wife, two sons and I have travelled in excess of 1 million kilometres by rail in Southern Africa. Started collecting about 50 years ago, unfortunately, lost all paper work in the 1990 Riebeeckstad tornado."

Below is an abridged, alphabetical list of items on display:

In Museum:-
  • Badges - Cap, Grade, Trade Unions, Railway Associations, Cuff links.
  • Books - Railway rules/regulations, Diesel/Electric/Steam, "S A Rail" and "Railways Africa" etc.
  • Cab - 16CR locomotive.
  • Caps - Railway, Preservation and Tour Groups, Bags, Railway and Trade Unions.
  • Carriage Keys, ticket nippers, SAR Police sealing pliers and lead seals.
  • Catering items - various; SAA, SAR, SATS, Transnet, B J's and other private companies.
  • Coach scrolls.
  • Coupe - Lower seat, back, upper bunk, folding table, wash basin, heater, towel holders, SAS/SAR VD/CD blankets/sheets/pillow cases.
  • Diagrams and Maps - All stations on SAR/Spoornet.
  • Envelopes - SAA/SAL, SAS/SAR, SAVD/SATS, Autonet, Spoornet, Transnet, TFR, Transmed etc. [Internal and External types].
  • First aid boxes - Metal and Wooden, with some original SAS & H Siekfonds/S A R & H Sick Fund bottles and bandages.
  • Information brochure's - Issued by past and present SAR/SATS/Spoornet main line passenger services, various preservation/History groups and private train tour groups.
  • Lamps - Hand held, paraffin, re-chargeable and battery. [Amber, Green, Red, White lenses].
  • "LIMA" Model trains - many various locomotives, goods rolling stock and passenger rolling stock.
  • Makers plates. Electric..
  • Markers - Train complete and "Ore" guard less train.
  • Number plates - Electric/Steam.
  • Pad locks - various for relay rooms, gates etc.
  • Pens, pencils and marking wax crayons - marked SAS/SAR, SAT/SAV, Spoornet, "Translux", "Citi to Citi", Transnet "Q".
  • Playing cards - With locomotives.
  • Points locks and "Chubb" keys.
  • Post cards - Many from SAR Museum, RSSA, "Bosveld Train Tours", Apple Express etc.
  • Railway track - various sizes 8kg to 96kg.
  • Seals - Lead, tin, wax, plastic, thick wire and steel cable, for use on truck doors, containers, bedding, cash bags etc.
  • Stationery items - Books, glue, sello tape, pins, elastic bands, date stamps etc.
  • Tablets and carriers - All three "Absolute", "Crossing", "Permissive" and message pouches.
  • Telephones - various, Magneto type, automatic type and "van Schoor" type.
  • Trophies - For [i] Best control point and [II] Best yard.
  • Tickets - Card type, paper type [Excess Fare Tickets], Free Passes, Service Passes, SAR/SATS/Spoornet/Private, ticket date presses.
  • Tins [Kit/Tools] - Drivers, Assistants/Fire men, Guards,
  • Truck cards - many different types.
  • Uniforms - various types S A R Police, SATS.
  • Plus much more.
Outside displays in the Garden:-
  • Locomotive items - regulators, pantograph, brake blocks, filter, piston.
  • Hand push Trolley - on track with ballast, with 6 types of sleeper. [Wood, steel and 4 x concrete].
  • Metal and plastic signage - various types.
  • Permanent way items - Sleepers, track, fittings. [Including latest tubular track].
  • Rolling stock items - Axel box covers, vacuum/air brake pipes.
  • Signals, Home, route indicators, dwarf signals.
  • plus more.

Appointment appreciated, have large guard "Boer Bull".

Tel:- 057 388 3151 Cell:- 082 628 6626.
Email: jacquewepener AT telkomsa.net (you need to replace the "AT" to make the customary address of course - given here in this format to prevent SPAM robots automatically harvesting the address)


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  2. Hi there. I have aa pair of copper springbok emblems that I have been told were mounted back to back on SAR coach doors. I cannot find any reference to support this claim . Are you able to provide me with any further information