02 November 2010

Boksburg - Bokkie Park: North British Locomotive works #24520 4-8-2T industrial locomotive

11-10-2010 photo: Clinton Hattingh

This standard design 4-8-2T (20"x24") industrial tank locomotive was built in 1938 in Glasgow by North British Locomotive Co. as works number 24520.

11-10-2010 photo: Clinton Hattingh

Over 50 of these standard NBL 4-8-2T and 4-8-4T locomotives were delivered for service at South African mines.

11-10-2010 photo: Clinton Hattingh

This one first saw service as Crown Mines No. 8 at this famous old mine about 3 km south west of Johannesburg city centre.

This 1939 Ad shows N0. 6 built for Crown Mines.

11-10-2010 photo: Clinton Hattingh

Crown Mines closed in 1977. Around 1979 No. 8 was then moved by Rand Mines to East Rand Proprietary Mines Ltd (ERPM) at Boksburg. The locomotive was intended be used as spares, and this may explain some missing parts as are visible in the photos. Around 1997 the locomotive was moved to its current position at Bokkie Park in Boksburg.

The "station and platform" - the coaches have been converted to be used for kitchen / cafeteria facilities - 11-10-2010 photo: Clinton Hattingh

Close sisters of this locomotive may be seen at

Google Map with location information for the Boksburg Bokkie Park locomotive.

Thanks to:
  • Derek Walker for following up on this locomotive (please check his Bokkie Park webpage.)
  • Clinton Hattingh for taking the pictures
  • John Middleton for providing a brief history for this NBL loco.

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