15 May 2009

Bloemfontein, Transwerk Workshops, SAR Class 16DA No 878

7 April 2006 Photo: from André Kritzinger's Album

12 January 2011 photo courtesy of Jacque Wepener.

SAR Class 16DA No 878 4-6-2 ("Pacific"). This locomotive was built in 1930 by Henschel & Sohn as works no 21753.

12 January 2011 photo courtesy of Jacque Wepener.

The Class 16 series was designed primarily for fast passenger service, with a 4-6-2 (usually called "Pacific") wheel arrangement. The first Class 16 consisted of 12 engines delivered in 1914 from North British Locomotive Co for use on the Pretoria-Johannesburg line and the Johannesburg-Volksrust section.

Various sub-Classes followed, and eventually 14 locomotives, classified as Class 16DA, were delivered in 1928 from Baldwin (no's 843-850) and Hohenzollern (no's 868-873).

12 January 2011 photo courtesy of Jacque Wepener.

A last batch of 6 followed in 1930 from Henschel as builders work no's 21749-21754 (SAR engine no's 874 to 879). This latter batch had a modification - in an attempt to improve the steaming properties of these engines, A.G. Watson designed a boiler with a firebox of comparable proportions to those fitted to his later 15E and 23 classes.

12 January 2011 photo courtesy of Jacque Wepener.

No 878 was one of the engines with the wider firebox - in 2009 only 3 of these 6 locomotives are still in existence, the other two being no's 876 and 879.

The 16DA's were placed initially in service between Johannesburg and Kimberley, and regularly worked the "Union Express" and the "Union Limited", until arrival of the Class 16E's, when they were sent to Bloemfontein. There they were used both north to Johannesburg, and south until the arrival of the 15F's, when they were relegated to suburban work, until withdrawn in 1973.

A sister engine No 850 is plinthed in Theunissen.

Photo of this engine No 878 when still in steam.

photo: Leith Paxton : No. 878 [Henschel 21753/1930] Wide Firebox - at Bloemfontein Loco Depot 21 March 1970

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