17 May 2009

Johannesburg, James Hall Transport Museum, part 1, R & W Hawthorn works # 3838 built 1934

The locomotive featured below, is on display in the James Hall Transport Museum in Pioneer Park, Wemmer Pan, Johannesburg.

The museum was established in 1960. It is a thematic Land Transport museum covering South African Transport over the past 400 years. The museum has 6 main exhibition areas and one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of steam-driven vehicles in the world. The West Hall houses a collection of Trams and Trolley Buses. The East Hall exhibits a display of Motorcycles and Bicycles starting with the Velocipede of 1869 (known as the boneshaker). The North Hall displays motoring from Edwardian times onwards, as well as Sports Cars and Classics. North Porch has Steam Locomotives from the Anglo Boer War to the1930 era. The South Hall exhibits a vast collection of Animal-drawn Carts, Carriages, various Ox Wagons and a Zeederberg Mail Coach.

Due to a packed display area, the locomotives are difficult to photograph. At least they are all under roof and protected from the weather.

photo: courtesy Derek Walker

The green engine was named "DON", and is ex New Kleinfontein Co Ltd, Benoni. It has a 4-6-4T wheel arrangement with a 15.25" cylinder diameter x 22" stroke design.

2009 photo courtesy Derek Walker

The locomotive was built in 1934 as works number 3838 by R & W Hawthorn, Leslie & Co Ltd, Forth bank Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.

R. & W. Hawthorn Leslie and Company, Limited, usually referred to as Hawthorn Leslie, was a shipbuilding and locomotive manufacturer.

The Company was formed by the merger of the shipbuilder A. Leslie and Company in Hebburn with the locomotive works of R. and W. Hawthorn at St.Peter's in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1886.

Three years after "DON" was built, the Company disposed of its locomotive manufacturing interests in 1937 to Robert Stephenson and Company which became Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Ltd.

2009 photo courtesy Derek Walker

photo: courtesy Derek Walker

2009 photo courtesy Derek Walker

Another view of "DON".

2009 photo courtesy Derek Walker

One last quick look into the cab.

For the next loco in the museum continue to part 2

1. Industrial locomotives in South Africa 1991 - John Middleton & Huw Williams

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