17 May 2009

Johannesburg, James Hall Transport Museum, part 2, Maschinen Fabrik Esslingen works # 2877 built 1897

The tank locomotive featured below, is on display in the James Hall Transport Museum in Pioneer Park, Wemmer Pan, Johannesburg. See part 1 for more details.

photo: courtesy Derek Walker

This was CMRM & E (Consolidated Main Reef Mines & Estates) Ltd No 4.

June 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

Originally it was SAR Class B No 19. The locomotive was built by Maschinen Fabrik Esslingen A.G., Esslingen, Germany (Formerly Emil Kessler.) in 1897 with works number 2877.

June 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

The wheel type is 0-6-4T.

June 2009 photo: courtesy Derek Walker

Paxton & Bourne notes: These locomotives were the main motive power of the Nederlandsche Zuid Afrikaansche Spoorwegmaatschappij (NZASM).

Between 1882 and 1898, 175 were delivered by Emil Kessler, and 20 more in 1899 by the Netherlands Locomotive Factory.

As they did not have a leading bogey, they gave a rough ride, and were usually operated bunker first.

Many were damaged in the South African War, and only 55 were taken into SAR stock, all of which were withdrawn by 1930. They were used in the Transvaal, Free State, and later for shunting in the Western Cape.

They had outside plate frames, Walschaerts valve gear and used saturated steam.

For the next loco in the museum continue to part 3

1. Industrial locomotives in South Africa 1991 - John Middleton & Huw Williams

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