28 May 2009

Johannesburg, Station forecourt as in 1972, SAR Class 16B No 805

Picture from the Past !!!

8th June, 1974 as photographed by Bob Francis. Clearly the locomotive had not been on the plinth wor a long time then ...   Original photo on Photopic.net.

Note the unusual plinth - looks like a locomotive turntable!

This 16B class Pacific 805 was built by the North British Locomotive Company in 1917. She was later re-boilered and became a 16BR but, following withdrawal in June, 1972, she was re-fitted with an original style Belpaire firebox and became a 16B again. She was plinthed at Johannesburg Station on the 8th June, 1974, when photographed by Bob Francis.

1980 photo by Dave Coxon - his webpage is here.

A former South African minister of Transport (1954-74) - Ben Schoeman - worked as a fireman on this engine from 1931-33.

This late 1980's image is courtesy of Phil Braithwaite.

Fortunately this engine #805 was saved by moving her to the OUTENIQUA TRANSPORT MUSEUM in George where she is on display in splendid condition - you may see its 2007 picture here.


  1. That was my Grand father's (Bannink) loco, he was machinist and min Schoeman was his stoker.

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