12 April 2009

Prieska, Station, SAR Class 7C No 1062

Type 4-8-0

Neilson, Reid & Co. 6082/1901 - Class 7 C SAR 1062

Now this is one of the saddest engines we have seen ourselves - I know there are others in even worse state on this blog, but I have not seen them personally.

We visited Prieska station on 20 August 2008.

The sparrows found a perfect nesting place in "Prieska"

photo: Elna Conradie

We were very sad and distressed to see the state of this locomotive.

Photo: Elna Conradie

It is on it way to be uprooted by a tree ...

The usual vandalism ....

The tender has the number SAR 495 which once would have belonged to a Class 6B engine.

The view on the other side is not much better ...

poor thing

Photo: Elna Conradie

More signs of vandalism

Photo: Elna Conradie

These bees found a cosy home in the firebox.

Built in 1901 by Neilson, Reid and Co as builder's works no. 6082.

The Train to Prieska got stuck in a bush! Will someone please get her out!!!

The boiler plate - last Cert. Expired Sept 1971.

The Class 7 engines were the main goods locomotives for the last 20 years of the Cape Government Railways (CGR), the design prepared in 1890 by H.M. Beatty.

38 engines delivered in 1892-3 became SAR Class 7, a second batch of 26 delivered between 1896 and 1901 became Class 7A. Another 25 engines with a larger cab delivered in 1900 became Class 7C.

The final order of the 7th Class by the CGR were 10 engines delivered from Neilson, Reid and Co in 1902. Fitted with larger boilers, the power was improved by increasing the cylinder diameter. Yhey also had large cabs similar to the CSAR engines. Under the SAR these engines were classified as Class 7C.

From the Past: This engine 1062 when she was still proudly in steam

4-8-0 [ex Cape Government Railways 7th class]

photo: Leith Paxton : click on picture to enlarge - SAR Class 7C No. 1062 [NR 6082/1901 - ex CGR 762] - at Cambridge Loco Depot (East London) - 7 January 1962

photo: Leith Paxton : click on picture to enlarge - and 1062 again - at Queenstown Loco Depot - 4 October 1969

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