14 December 2014

Kimberley Station Platform SAR 6J No 645 before re-steamed

These 1973 images taken by Roger Griffiths, show SAR 6J No 645 on the plinth before she was re-steamed. Later she was taken up in the Museum collection at George. You can see here in the museum in this entry.

#645 class 6J - Engine 645 was stationed at De Aar between 1958 and 1967 and was later mounted on Kimberley platform as a monument. She was still later, removed from the platform and restored to working order by the THF for use on enthusiast specials. She is now housed in the OTM at George. [Source: 23 May 2010 Les Pivnic (former SAR Museum curator) in the sar-L forum]

The most successful bar-framed 6th class, were the 14 locos supplied in 1902 by Neilson, Reid & Co. Used initially on the Cape main line, they became the Class 6J on the SAR.

Placed in service in 1902, these 4-6-0 engines have a tractive effort of 18,780 lbs at 75% boiler pressure, which is 180 psi. Wheel arrangement, as on the other class 6s, is 4-6-0. Driving wheels are 4' 6" in diameter, and the cylinders measure 17"x 26". Valve-gear is Stephenson. Engine and tender are 53 feet long over the buffer faces, and together they weigh 82 tons 19 cwt. Total heating surface is 1,172.6 square feet, and the fire-grate area 18.75 square feet.

The last engine of this type was withdrawn from service in Bethlehem in 1972.

Drawing of the SAR Class 6J

Photo: Icke Popicke (MIRo) 6J 645 before reconditioning. Later the locomotive was plinthed in Kimberley. 

6J 645 Kimberley Stn. 26.9.73 (c) George Woods (via Flickr)

6J 645 Kimberley Stn. 26.9.73 (c) George Woods (via Flickr)

Class 6J 645 when she was still on the plinth on the Kimberley Station Platform at The Great South African Steam Festival in 1989. (Photographer: Unknown)

source: sa.transport.co.za
Source : sa.transport.co.za

Class 6J 645 , Class 24 3654 (Ansa), Class 15F 2928 at Kimberley Station. 1990. Used as a backdrop to Presentation of Class 15F Avril to David Shepherd.
Photo: Martyn Gomersall

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