06 December 2014

MEYERTON - OUDEWERF, 411 Galloway Street, NBL #25940 4-8-2T Industrial

MEYERTON - OUDEWERF, 411 Galloway Street, NBL #25940/1946 4-8-4T Industrial  

At DE OUDE WERF, 411 Galloway Street, Meyerton you may be surprised by the mix of interesting things.

(GPS  26°34'20.44"S   28° 0'38.66"E)

There are a hobby shop named Toy Trains Hobbies, and also the Oudewerf Auctioneers which specializes in Antiques and Vintages collectables, including Rail Memorabilia. On the premises there are also an old Super Frelon helicopter and various railway rolling stock items.

The NBL industrial steam loco preserved under a roof (which it has to carry itself!!) on the OUDEWERF premises is a 4-8-4T North British Locomotive Co Ltd worksno 25940/1946 ex AMCOAL's Springbok Mine (Hope Section) [later Goedehoop] colliery where it worked as No 5. The locomotive was build to the standard NBL 4-8-2T (20"x24") design. The locomotive (and it's mates) went out of use at the colliery in mid-1983 when a new overland conveyor between the old mine and the new Goedehoop mine was commissioned. By November 1993 this locomotive had been moved for preservation to "JR Metals" (now operating as "De Oude Werf Scrap Metal Dealers CC") in Meyerton   Photo taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.
Obviously a 4-8-4T locomotive! No 3 built in 1929 pioneered the NBL 4-8-2T wheel configuration. No 5 started life as a standard NBL 4-8-2T, but was later rebuilt as a 4-8-4T, to which modified design subsequent locomotives were built from new by NBL. Springbok Colliery had 2 sections (Hope and Main) which were 8 km apart and operated independently. The Hope section was about 40km south-east of Witbank, and was connected to the SAR network by a 3km long line which connected to an exchange yard some 9km east of Vandyksdrift. Photo above taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.

Some working life images of the Springbok Colliery locomotives may be found in THE GREAT STEAM TREK (Lewis & Jorgensen) no's 305 & 306, and Smith & Bournes's THE SPIRIT OF STEAM images no's 136-138. Also on the web Dennis Moore's BLACK DIAMONDS digital publication preview has some images on pages 120-121.

The bag van has number 4424
This 0-4-0DH 104 horse power Hunslet (works no 5470/1957) saw service as "No 1" from new at PPC's small cement "No 4 Works", at Orkney. By 1991 the loco was out of use, and moved to JR Metals Ltd. Photo taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.
Railcar - Photo taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.

 Part of the building is this suburban train shell ...Photo taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.

In the garden a Super Frelon helicopter is at rest.
 Photo 1st published on Panoramio : Igmar Grewar - July 2008.

 The Aérospatiale (formerly Sud Aviation) SA 321 Super Frelon (Super Frelon = Super Hornet) is a three-engined heavy transport helicopter produced by Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale) of France. The helicopter is still in use in China where the locally produced version is known as the Z-8. The specimen here has the number "308" on the tail-end. The helicopter is a SA321L Super Frelon (SAAF no. 308) (C/N No. 128). The South African Air Force (SAAF) acquired 16 x SA321L transports on May 1966 which entered service between July 27, 1967 and November 1969. They were used during the counter insurgency fighting with Angola and retired in 1990 when they were replaced first by SA330 Puma and later by Oryx. More details and images on Wikipedia. Also visit this page for more images about the helicopter at Oudewerf.  This photo taken by Clinton Hattingh and 1st published by Derek Walker here.

 Also in the garden you may find this relic. 
Photo: Igmar Grewar - July 2008.



Note: I have no interest in or any connection whatsoever with OUDEWERF - detail included below only given as "FYI"


Toytrain is a shop where boys of all ages are allowed to just be boys and can enjoy the wide variety of toys all at one destination. Just know that this experience may bring back long-forgotten childhood memories.

We have been in business since 1994 and we specialize in collectible diecast cars, bikes and tractors. We also stock the following:
  • Hornby and Bachmann Trains, Train sets and a variety of accessories
  • SCX and Ninco Slotcars, sets and extra tracks
  • Plastic Models Kits and Paints
  • Children Toys
  • Remote control cars and helicopters. (We stock spares and also do repairs in our workshop) 
We have one of the biggest shops around in terms of floor space. You can also catch us at the Johannesburg International Motorshow in October.
We also specialize in auctioning of Collections of all kinds. We already have a database for Die-cast Cars, Train Memorabilia, Clowns, Old Enamel advertising signs and Antique. For more information please visit www.oudewerfauctions.co.za

Toy Train Hobbies is based in Meyerton just off the R59 highway south of Johannesburg. Our shop is in the Oudewerf complex. To get to us simply take the Johan le Roux off ramp and turn into Meyerton. At the 3rd stop street turn right into Galloway and you will find us on the right hand side. The premises looks like an old Train station.

Monday - Friday: 09h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 08h00-13h00

Contact Details

411 Galloway St.
Meyerton (on premises of Oudewerf)
Tel: 016 362 0421
Cell: 082 444 3734
GPS: S26°34', 20,4"
E 28° 00', 36,3"
Email: rjlaubscher@telkomsa.net

The webpage for OUDEWERF AUCTIONEERS is here and also on facebook. They always have very interesting vintage items in stock.

Examples of Railway related items auctioned in the past:

  • Derek Walker's All at Sea pages 
  • Industrial Locomotives of South Africa 1991 (John Middleton) 
  • Wikipedia 
  • Google Earth (including Streetview) 
  • Website:www.oudewerfauctions.co.za 
  • THE GREAT STEAM TREK (Lewis & Jorgensen)  
  • Smith & Bournes's THE SPIRIT OF STEAM 
  • Dennis Moore's BLACK DIAMONDS preview

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