27 October 2015

GEOGRAPHICAL INDEX of towns covered - BLOG edition 60

A new Book covering the 2ft Gauge Railway from Port Elizabeth to Avontuur and Patensie

The railway was originally described in detail in Sydney Moir's seminal book, Twenty-four Inches Apart (Oakwood Press in 1963). More recently the story has been covered in eight parts of the authors' Soul of a Railway (SOAR) series published online and it is this material which forms the basis of this new book.

This 265 page hardback book printed on high quality paper brings the story up to date and focuses on new, fascinating and compelling information about the railway, particularly the political shenanigans that plagued its turbulent latter years. These are recounted by the author (Charlie Lewis), the Regional Engineer responsible for the line from 1981 to 1986 and also one of South Africa's most prolific photographers.

The SOAR material has been edited by John Hunt, Dick Manton and John Middleton who have all spent a lot of time in South Africa and visited the line on many occasions. The text is complimented by a wide selection of over 350 photographs, many in colour and previously unpublished, with contributions from many of the world's leading railway photographers. The authors believe this new book will form THE definitive record of the Railway in its latter years.

To Purchase go to:  https://shop.myonlinebooking.co.uk/festrail/shop/product.aspx?id=14678

Latest updates
  1. 2013.07.08: new:  VEREENIGING: Teknorama Museum, 1 Beethoven Street, Duncanville, Bagnall 2588/1938
  2. Jan Kempdorp; Town Centre; SAR Class 19D no 2656
  3. 2013.12.20: new:Strand Station (1969 - later removed), Class 5B no 723 (BP 4567/1904) ex CGR no 905
  4. 2013.12.20: new:Locomotion - National Railway Museum, Shildon (UK), ex-SAR Class 7A no 993 / CGR no 390
  5. 2013.12.20: new: Rayton, Getaway Farm (Van der Merwe), Class 8DW no 1219
  6. 2013.12.20: new:KEMPTON PARK Station, Class 8DW no 1219 (1973 - later removed)


Aliwal North, Station Approach, SAR Class 7 No 982
Allanridge: (old) Mine Club House - ex-Loraine Gold Mine No 1 - 4-8-2T NBL "Pauline"
Ashton Municipality - Class 14CRB No2010
Avontuur, Town Centre, SAR Class NG15 No NG147
Barberton Caravan Park - Class 6B No536
Barkly East, Town Centre, Class 19D no 2510
Benoni Museum, 4-6-2T Hawthorn Leslie No 2557
Bethlehem Museum - Class 6C No 544 before moved to Sandstone.


  1. Anglo-Boer War Museum, SAR Class 7 No 975
  2. Transwerk Workshop, SAR Class 16DA No 878
  3. old Steam Locomotive Depot (many locomotives)
Boksburg - Bokkie Park, North British Locomotive works #24520 4-8-2T industrial locomotive
Breyten - Main Street, Class 19 no 1369
Calvinia - Museum - Class 24 No3608

Cape Town

  1. Claremont: Children's Playground, Belvedere Road: Brooks 2725 1896
  2. Epping, "PUG", Bagnall no 3056 built in 1953
  3. Intaka Island, Century City: 2 locomotives on display
  4. Newlands: SAB Ohlssons Brewery: Peckett Locomotive # 1029 built in 1904
  5. Paarden Eiland Steam running Shed (defunct)
  6. Railway Station concourse, "BLACKIE" Hawthorns & Co Leith Engine Works No. 162
  7. Salt River Railway Workshops, SAR Class 8D No 1200
  8. Table Mountain, Waterworks Museum: Constructor loco built by Andrew Barclay
  9. Monument Station: Atlantic Rail's operation of SAR 24 #3655 (in steam)
Colenso - Municipal Offices
  1. "ESCOM" Bagnall 2571/1937
  2. "TUGELA" Hawthorne Leslie 3858/1935
ColignyTown Centre, SAR Class 19D No 3328

De Aar
  1. part 1, "Loco Shed", SAR Class 8F No 1236
  2. part 2a, Locomotive Graveyard: SAR Class 24 No 3652
  3. part 2b, Locomotive Graveyard: SAR Class 12A No 2123
  4. part 2c, Locomotive Graveyard: SAR Class GO No 2586
  5. part 3, Station Scenes in May 2009
  6. part 4, Excelsior Park: Railway Recreation Club, preserved Cab of Class 25NC No 3434 "CORRY"
DundeeTalana Museum, Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal
Durban - Railway Station, "NATAL", 1st loco to haul a public train in SA
Ermelo, in town on R29 road, Class 8A No 1106
Estcourt station platform, H2 No 314 (later unplinthed to KZN Railway Museum)
Fauresmith, Municipality, SAR Class 8BW No.1153

  1. Entrance to Transport MUSEUM, SAR Class 7A No 1009
  1. loco shed (derelict), SAR Class 12R No 1947 "Rosie" (before moved to Reefsteamers)
  2. Reefsteamers Germiston Depot, "PATRYS" SAR Class A No 130
Graaff Reinet, Kollege Road (N9) - Class 6 No429
Grahamstown, Railway Station, SAR Class GDA No 2257 (Garratt)
Grahamstown: Blaauwkrantz Bridge Disaster (1911)

Hartenbos Station, SAR Class 8 no 1070 (scrapped) 
Hartenbos (Voorbaai) Loco Shed: February 2011 Images
Heidelberg Station Museum (previously Heidelberg Transport Museum)
Jan Kempdorp; Town Centre; SAR Class 19D no 2656

Johannesburg City Power
  1. Municipal Depot, 0-4-0ST "George" RSHN 7398/1948
  2. Reuven Head Office, 0-6-0ST "Elizabeth" RSHN 7805/1954
Johannesburg, Gold Reef City
  1. part 1, SAR Class 19D No 3345
  2. part 2, SAR Class NG/G16 No NG111 (Garratt)
  3. part 3, WG Bagnall 0-4-2T works # 2870 built 1948
  4. part 4, Hudswell, Clarke Co Ltd. 0-6-0T works # 1578 built 1926
  5. part 5, Manning, Wardle & Co Ltd. 0-4-0T works # 1583 built 1902
Johannesburg, James Hall Transport Museum
  1. part 1, R & W Hawthorn works # 3838 built 1934
  2. part 2, Maschinen Fabrik Esslingen works # 2877 built 1897
  3. part 3, John Fowler & Co (Leeds) Ltd works # 16129 built 1924.
  4. part 4, 0-6-0F (fireless) Andrew Barclay works # 2059 built 1938
JohannesburgStation forecourt - 1972, SAR Class 16B No 805 (Removed)

 Railway Station
  1. NG80 part 1
  2. NG80 part 2
Kaalfontein - Esselen Park College, SAR Class 15CA no's 2802 & 2804

KEMPTON PARK Station, Class 8DW no 1219 (1973 - later removed)

  1. "Big Hole" Mine Museum - "BEACONSFIELD" Steam Tram Loco
  2. "Big Hole" Mine Museum - "OLIVE"
  3. Railway Station, SAR Class 25NC No 3411
King William's Town - Station Forecourt, SAR Class 6D No 579 


  1. North West Transport Museum
  2. Railway Station Platform, Class 7 #980
Klipplaat, Railway junction, SAR Class 15AR No 1840
Kroonstad, Station forecourt, SAR Class 10BR No. 756

Krugersdorp: SANRASM's Chamdor site (Just a memory!)
Krugersdorp: SANRASM
  1. "Hunslet" 790/1902 (removed to Eskom)
  2. "Kitty" 2269/1879 (removed to Eskom)
Lichtenburg NW Agricultural Museum
  1. part 1, SAR Class 19D no 2711
  2. part 2, ex-SAR Class 11 no 946
Louis Trichardt station, SAR Class 8 no 1090
Lydenburg, Station platform, Class 7A no 1029

Mafikeng Museum - SAR Class 6H No627
Matjiesfontein Village - Class 7 No 987
Middelburg MP, Municipality, Class 8A No 1127
Modimolle (Nylstroom), locomotive "Nylstroom"
Mookgophong (Naboomspruit), Municipal Offices, SAR Class 19D No 2534

 - Mine Museum:
  1. "CLARA" built by Kitson & Co in 1891
  2. The Namaqualand Copper Mine Railway - a brief history
  3. Locomotives of the Namaqualand Copper Railway
  4. "The little railway in Namaqualand" written by Richard Thomas Hall
  5. Richard Thomas Hall - 1st builder of the Copper Mine Railway in Namaqualand
  6. Traveling on the Copper Mine Railway in Namaqualand - some personal accounts
  1. Main Street: Hudswell, Clarke Co Ltd. 0-6-0T works # 11486 built 1924
  2. Union Carriage & Waggon Works Main Gate : SAR Class 6 No 432
Olifantsfontein: Brikor Limited, 1 Premier Rd: ex SAR A Class #176

Paddock - KZN, Locomotive Graveyard (former ACR engines)

Patensie, Station, NG81 SAR Class NGG13 Han 10633/1928
Pietermaritzburg (Hilton Station), KZN Railway Museum (possibly defunct?)
 (Pietersburg), locomotive "Pietersburg"
Port Alfred: The Sad History of the "AID" - Fox Walker 352/1877
Port Alfred: Kowie Railway (1883-1913)

Port Elizabeth
  1. EPRFU Stadium, SAR Class 15AR No 1842
  2. Humewood Road - Locomotive Graveyard
Potchefstroom station forecourt, Class 8A no 1097
Potgietersrus, Town, SAR Class 19D No2541


  1. Fort Klapperkop Military Museum, SAR Class 6B No 498
  2. Koedoespoort Workshops, SAR Class 6A No 482
  3. Station Platform 4, SAR Class B No 47 (NZASM No 242)
Prieska, Station, SAR Class 7C No 1062

  1. Queens Casino, Class 15AR no 2016
  2. Station, Locomotive Graveyard
Rayton, Getaway Farm (Van der Merwe), Class 8DW no 1219

Riebeeckstad - Railway Museum (privately run)

Riversdale, Town Center Class 7 No970

  1. Florida Junction shopping centre - North British Locomotive works #24386 4-8-2T industrial locomotive
  2. Railway Station - plinthed class 10BR no. 750
Rustenburg, Railway Station, Class 15CA no. 2055

Sandstone Estates (near Ficksburg):
  1. Orenstein & Koppel 12691/1936 (Sandstone), ex-SANRASM (Krugersdorp), ex-DUNNs(Witbank), ex-New Machavie Gold Mine Ltd

Schweizer-Reneke, Town Centre, SAR Class 19D No 2682
Secunda, Sasol Synfuels East, ex-SAR Class 19B No 1413
Skukuza, Selati Train Restaurant, SAR Class 24 No 3638

Somerset West

  1. AECI Firegrove Works: Borsig 7364 1909 Fireless Locomotive
  2. Happy Days Pre-Primary School, Reservoir Road: Borsig 11796 1924 Fireless Locomotive

Sterkstroom, Municipality - SAR Class 19A No692
Strand Station (1969 - later removed), Class 5B no 723 (BP 4567/1904) ex CGR no 905
StrandChildren's Playground, Du Toit Street: Borsig 8370 1912 Fireless Locomotive
Theunissen, Town, SAR Class 16DA N0. 850

Touws River
  1. Municipality - Class 23 No 2556
  2. Touws River - Ladismith branch line (Makadas train) [1925-1981]
  3. Ladismith line - more 1979/1980 historical photos by David Perl
Uitenhage, Old Railway Station Museum, SAR Classes 6B and 10BR locomotives
Upington, Railway Station - Class 7 No950 "Grietjie"


  1. Station Forecourt, SAR Class 6B no 500
  2. Teknorama Museum, 1 Beethoven Street, Duncanville, Bagnall 2588/1938

Vink siding, near Robertson (Gospel Express), SAR Class 15CA No 2828
Volksrust, Town Centre (Voortrekker Park), Class 19D no 2696
VryburgTown Centre, Class 19D No 3356
Wakkerstroom, Town, SAR Class 19D N0 2690
Warrenton, Town, SAR Class 19D No 2688 
White River
abandoned Station platform, GCA 2196

  1. Railway Station, SAR Class 11 No 942
  2. Tiny Tots Nursery School, Avonside 1858/1...
Worcester Museum - old Loco Shed
  1. Exterior of museum
  2. Interior of museum
  3. Borsig 11646/1924 (BESSIE)
  4. SAR Class 15F No. 2994
Plinthed loco's ex Canefield Tramways:
  1. Darnall, Sugar Mill, Avonside 1740/1916 "MR BUSS"
  2. Durban, Sugar Terminal - Maydon Warf: Avonside 1422/1900
  3. Gledhow, Sugar Mill, Hunslet 2647/1942
  4. MtubatubaUmfolozi Village, ?Hunslet 1032/1914 relic
  5. Umzinto, Indian Koran School, Hunslet 3385/1946
  6. WitbankTiny Tots Nursery School, Avonside 1858/1...
  7. SEZELA Sugar MillSezela No 1 - Avonside 1719/1915
  8. RENISHAW Sugar EstateRenishaw No 2 - Avonside 1986/1926
  9. The Kearsney-Stanger Light Railway (1901-c.1944)
Special Items:

Commemorative stamp issue - 150th anniversary of South African Railways


  1. Railway Station - Class 7A No 1011
  2. Railway Shed - SAR Class 24 no's 3611 & 3612
  3. Railway Yard - Craven Brothers breakdown steam crane SAR no 45
Otjiwarongo, Railway Station
Rehoboth Museum, relics of Rehoboth Town Railway from 1913
Tsumeb, Museum
Usakos, Railway Station
Walvis BayHOPE


  1. Alte Feste Museum
  2. Windhoek, Railway Station

Locomotion - National Railway Museum, Shildon (UK), ex-SAR Class 7A no 993 / CGR no 390

Some "Names" used for Steam Locomotive Classes and some none steam types.


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